This work was made with Jekyll & Hyde studio. We decided to adopt the example of Mandalas to express our views on what it is to be a graphic designer. Mandalas have been present in almost all cultures, from Paleolithic Africa to medieval Europe and hold great importance for those who practice Buddhism. 


By using the Mandala, we wanted to visually depict the complexity of design, as well as the effort and attention to detail behind any piece of work. The ability to learn from any experience and use it as a breathing space and professional enrichment was also conceptualized by the use of Mandalas. 


Mandalas are also traditionally swept away; we believed this gesture represented the "destroy to make it better" concept; always striving to improve upon a product instead of leaving it as it is. Finally, by this symbolic destruction, we wanted to ironically recall the tendency of graphic design items to be thrown out after a show.



This Mandala was created to illustrate an interview that the studio conducted with DDN Free (Design Diffusion Edizioni) Magazine.