I'm an experienced graphic designer, open to unexpected opportunities - from working solo to be part of teams big and small.

My name is Vincenzo Lanziello AKA Vinz, I'm an experienced graphic designer, working in the field since 2008 for a wide array of agencies and individual clients.

I forge ideas, shapes and typography through the means of visual communications, taking care of the design process end-to-end, with methodology, dedication and meaning. My portfolio includes brand identity projects, editorial and illustration, as well as deliberate practice.

I'd love to hear from you. If you're interested in any of my projects or would like to discuss opportunities, please get in touch.

Design studios I've worked for:

Jekyll & Hyde




For further information or a full bio, please contact me.

Currently based in Aversa, Italy.

Via Giuseppe De Lieto 11, 81031 (CE).



+39 338 929 99 07